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The Firm:
Keystone Property Tax Services provides consulting and representation in
property tax matters. The firm assists clients in rendering Texas based assets and obtaining taxable values below the valuations assessed by appraisal districts. Most Texas appraisal districts utilize mass appraisal methods to determine taxable values. Keystone, however, analyzes client property on an individual basis. By using proven methods and accepted forms of documentation, Keystone has successfully represented property owners.

Keystone Property Tax Services provides personalized attention to clients. Mr. Lee Dudinsky is the principal of the firm. He has over twenty years experience in the area of property tax representation. He is a registered Texas Senior Property Tax Consultant (#00002004).

The Property Tax System:
Texas property taxes affect your business. These taxes will be based on assessed values with or without a consideration of your interests. To ensure your interests are accommodated, you must participate in the process.

Keystone Property Tax Services Will Help You:
Determine if your taxable values are appropriate according to all of the remedies under the Texas Property Tax Code.
Provide comprehensive representation including filing protests and developing professional protests directed toward challenging overvaluations assessed by appraisal districts.

Reduce property taxes on a no fee based contingency basis.